2017 Women’s State Team Trial 1

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Over the weekend (1st & 2nd April) Waverley Gymnastics hosted the WAG State Trial 1.

Congratulations to all of the Knox gymnast’s who competed and passed their level.

These girls put in a huge amount of work and we are so proud of their incredible performances!

Unlimited 7:
Abbey T – 5th Vault, 7th Bars, 21st Beam, 6th Floor – 6th All Around!
Lyn Marie S – 7th Vault, 26th Bars, 28th Beam, 9th Floor – 22nd All Around!
Olivia B – 25th Vault, 19th Bars, 23rd Beam, 17th Floor – 25th All Around!

Unlimited 8 Over
Abbie J – 4th Vault, 16th Bars, 1st Beam, 16th Floor – 2nd All Around!!
Ruby Rose E – 19th Vault, 21st Bars, 21st Beam, 13th Floor – 23rd All Around!

Unlimited 9 Over
Tayla H – 3rd Vault, 4th Bars, 4th Beam, 6th Floor – 5th All Around!

Unlimited 10 Under
Alysha M – 5th Vault, 4th Bars, 6th Beam, 3rd Floor – 5th All Around!
Elise H – 4th Vault, 6th Bars, 5th Beam, 4th Floor – 6th All Around!