2017 New Mats and Vault Area

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Several months ago during the big storm Knox unfortunately got flooded, which meant a lot of our lovely new matting got wet causing it to start to break down.

So over the second week of Term One School Holidays we madly got work to replace the damaged mats and install the new vaulting area.

A BIG thanks to all everyone involved (Andrew & Andrew, Mr Yang, Dong, Cui, Gordon, Tom, Daniel, The Jones Family) in moving equipment, laying new flooring, cutting in mats and the never ending clean-up.

We now have new mats through the Beams, Rings and Parallel Bars area.

The vault area has now been raised so that the gym is all one level, this also gives us proper space to have a second vault. The Vault table in now bolted down and won’t move, and the Spring boards also have a proper work surface to stop it sliding around.