2016 Facility Upgrade

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Knox has put a lot of effort into upgrading our facility this year.

With the help of parents and staff, we were able to pull out the old grey sprung floor and tumbling strip, and install a new Janssen Fritsen floor in 2 days.

Hopefully you would have seen the take-over of blue matting as we have been making our way through the gym laying new foam floor matting. This has been a massive job, with some work still to be done. But this will provide a nice level surface throughout the gym, making it easier to land on, and making it safer by reducing trip hazards that we had with the old matting.

With Janssen Fritsen being the main competition supplier this year, we have upgraded several pieces of equipment to the new standard.
The girls now have 2 new sets of Janssen Fritsen Uneven Bars, the Boys have a new Pommel, and we have replaced the legs on the Parallel Bars. And to help with Recreational classes we have replaced a set of Rings and added two more sets.

With all the competitions that we have done this year and have planned for the future, we also purchased our own stereo equipment, rather than having to borrow equipment as we have in the past.
This has allowed to also hold events such as the ‘Movie Nights’.

Keeps your eyes peeled as we continue to make changes and update the gym, this is only the beginning!